Terminal Nashville Airport

Robert C. H. Mathews Jr. Terminal

The airport has one main terminal called Robert C. H. Mathews Jr. Terminal and it also has 3 operative Concourses: A, B and C. These concourses are connected via a large hub that is provided with the checkpoints. In total, the BNA airport has 47 gates.


The terminal is served by Nashville Metropolitan Transit Authority bus Route 18. It provides service between the airport's passenger facilities and the Music City Central bus terminal in Nashville's central business district.


Level 3: The ticketing / concourses and departures are located at level 3 of the building.

Level 2: The baggage claim area, passenger pick-up and parking shuttles are located at level 2.

Level 1: Ground transportation and the Military Lounge are located at level 1.


The terminal is divided in the following concourses:

- Concourse A: it has 8 gates but there are only used 6. Concourse A hosts the international flights. Currently the concourse it is used by Frontier airlines and United Airlines.


- Concourse B: it has 13 gates but just 11 are currently used by airlines. This concourse is used by Delta Airlines and US Airways.


- Concourse C: is the largest concourse at Nashville airport with 25 gates (3 of them are inoperative). It is used by Air Canada, American Airlines, American Eagle and Southwest.


At the main terminal it is located the Medical Service and some bars and retails.